How does a coach or admin message a team?

Our  email system allows coaches and administrators to send emails and/or text messages to parents, athletes, and school staff. This system will also allow you to create custom groups to help make messaging easier. For more information on how to create a group, please view our article on "How to create an email group".

To access the email system and send a message, you can follow these steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Login to Register
  3. Log in with your email/username and password.
  4. Open your coach or admin portal
  5. Select Navigation on the left side
  6. Click Email
    1. NOTE: you are now in the message center. It functions as an email inbox for all your messages. From this page, you have a few options on the left depending on what you want to view.
  7. Select + New Email to send a message
  8. Fill in all the information as if you are sending an email
  9. Click Send in the bottom right to send your email.
    1. NOTE: You can also send any message as a text message by moving your mouse over "SMS:" at the bottom and selecting the check box next to "Include SMS notification when email is sent"

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