CVS Physical Voucher Program


Aktivate has partnered with CVS to offer discounted physicals at a CVS MinuteClinic through the purchase of a voucher during your registration. Once the physical has been completed, CVS & Aktivate will automatically upload the physical form to the open registration within your Aktivate account.

First, be sure to verify that your sport or activity registration requires a physical. Also, if the sport for which you are registering requires a tryout, we recommend that you also confirm a physical is needed prior to tryouts, which is typically the case. *The voucher is completely non-refundable after purchase.

To purchase the voucher:

  1. Simply select Purchase Voucher on the special offer as shown:

  2. Next, select Add to Cart and then follow the checkout prompts to complete the purchase.
  3. Once you’ve purchased the voucher, find a CVS MinuteClinic near you:
  4. Follow the instructions on your voucher when you arrive at your local MinuteClinic.
  5. Once the physical is complete, MinuteClinic will fax the forms to be included in your student-athlete's registration profile.

* The voucher is valid through March 31, 2023 and is completely non-refundable after purchase.

Be aware, CVS states that MinuteClinics do refer patients with Type I Diabetes to their PCP or endocrinologist to perform an athlete physical examination. Patients with Type I Diabetes require careful monitoring and adjustment of medications. Because of this, CVS prefers that their PCP or endocrinologist review the physical form and complete/clear the patient for participation

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