How to Connect Yourself to a School as an Admin or Coach

Users: Administrators & Coaches

This article will describe how to connect yourself to a new school and how to correct your connections to any current school. If you are missing a portal such as the Aktivate Certification portal or the Aktivate Registration portal (RMA) then you can follow these steps to correct your account:

  1. Log in to your Aktivate account
  2. Click on Add Additional School Connections on the right side

  1. Select Coach or Admin (depending on your role at the school)
  2. Select what state your school is in
  3. Search for your school by typing in the box and clicking on your school when it appears
  4. Select Ok on the confirmation page that appears
  5. Click Submit

*If you were missing any connections to that school then they will be corrected and if you are transferring to that school then you will have requested access to the new school. If you see Pending Approval for your school then a school admin needs to approve your request so you can view athletes and manage your team. However, you can always open the coach management section to start working on a coach registration before you gain access to the athlete's information.

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