How to Use Aktivate Connect

Aktivate Connect is the mobile app that helps coaches, athletes, and parents stay connected. Learn more about the Aktivate Connect App here or contact us at with any questions.

How To Get Started

  1. Download Aktivate Connect on your mobile device from either the App Store or Google Play store
  2. Enter your code (Coaches, you'll find your 6-digit Coach Code and 6-digit Sport Code within Aktivate Registration -- see below)

    - Coach Code: Used to join the team as a coach
    - Sport Code: Distributed to your players and/or parents to join your team
  3. Start Connecting With Players & Parents

Coaches: To locate your mobile codes, you can see them within your Aktivate Registration account on your main sport page. You will need to distribute the codes appropriately to any additional coaches as well as the parents and athletes that you want to join the team on the app.

Parents & Athletes: To be connected to the team(s) on the app, you will need a sport code that is unique and specific to each sport. You will need to contact your head coach to retrieve the sport code.

Please Note: The login credentials do not translate over from your Aktivate Registration account to the app, which requires a separate new account/credentials. Our team is working on integrating this feature but for now, you will need to go through the Create Account process on the app.

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