How to Add or Update your THSCA, TGCA, or Atavus IDs

Users: UIL Coaches

You can add or update your THSCA,TGC, or ATAVUS ID association numbers by following the steps in the video below.

  1. Log in to your Aktivate Account
  2. Go to the UIL Portal
  3. Click Manage next to Connected Associations - section in the bottom right
  4. Click Add Association - you will be able to link your ID number there
  5. To edit an association number, click on the blue pencil. To remove an association number, click on the trash can

Please Note: Once the connection is set up you may not see your CCPs complete immediately. It can take a week for us to receive the certification from it's respective website. 

For any assistance or questions, please email us at 

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