Why was my athlete's physical/other requirement rejected?

Please Note: Customer support does not take part in the approval process for documents. If you contact us regarding a decision made with your document, we will be unable to help you. Please direct your questions to the athletic department at your school. 

After you upload a physical or another requirement it goes through a verification process by the school to ensure accuracy and validity. If the school approves it, it will be marked "Complete" on the registration and will be valid through whatever date is input by the administrator.

If the document is rejected, it means that it's been reviewed by a member of the school's athletic administration and they determined that the information was incorrect or missing. If this is the case, an explanation should have been sent via email. You can also see the explanation within your account. Please make the necessary corrections to the document and re-upload.

If you did not receive an explanation email, please contact the school's athletic administration to find out exactly why it was rejected. Then, please make the necessary corrections and re-upload.

If you need assistance navigating the site in order to re-upload, please follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to your Aktivate account
  2. Click on the Parents button
  3. Click Start/Complete Registrations on the left side of the page.
  4. Locate the existing registration and click into it. 

Unless there is anything else to complete, you should have a red bar titled, "Registration Checklist." If you don't have this, please click whatever red bar may be on the left side of the page and complete the requirements until you reach the Registration Checklist.

Now that you've reached the Registration Checklist, 

  1. Select Physical Documents 
  2. Locate the rejected requirement. 
  3. If your school allows uploads you should have an upload button that you can click into
  4. Click on the choose file(s) and find your document on your device

After you re-upload, the requirement will again have a "Pending School Approval" status. If this is time-sensitive, we recommend contacting the school to see if they can review it sooner rather than later.

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