How to copy or move a registration to a new sport

As an Administrator, you do have the ability to Copy a Registration to a New Sport (parents do not have this ability). To do so, find the registration you need to copy. There are multiple avenues through which you can do this, one such method is

  1. Log in to your Aktivate Account
  2. Access the Administrator portal
  3. Search for the athlete using the magnifying glass icon in the top right. Be sure that the “Athlete” option is selected before you search.
  4. Perform the search. 
  5. Click on View for the athlete.
  6. Select the registration you want to copy over
  7. Click the gray Edit button on the top right side in the  menu list of options
  8. Select Copy Registration to New Sport

The system will then give you the option to select the year and sport you want to copy the registration to. After you submit, the athlete will have a new registration listed on their profile.

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