How to E-Sign Documents

Users: Parents & Guardians

Please see below for helpful tips on how to e-sign documents


  1. Please use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access the internet.  Internet Explorer does not support new software.  
  2. If you are already using Google Chrome or Firefox, please make sure that you have read and agreed to all documents if you are at the Registration checklist. There is a small box that must be checked before each e-sign. 
  3. The e-signature must match the name in parentheses (Try highlighting the names as they appear in the parentheses, copy it, paste it in the e-sign box), and then click the E-sign button. 
  4. Copying and pasting will be the best way to sign because you will paste exactly what the system wants you to type. When you paste, be sure there are no extra spaces in front of or at the end of the name.

If you still cannot get the e-signature to work or cannot continue, please get in touch with with your name, your athlete's name, and the name of the school.

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