How to Create a New Sport

Users: Administrators

As an administrator in the Aktivate Registration system, you are able to create sports and activities for your school. This can include clubs and even summer camps! Follow the steps below to create a new sport.


  1. Click Navigation
  2. Select Sports
  3. Click the + New Sport button at the top of the page

  1. Fill out the form that appears. 
  • If you have questions about fees paid before tryouts then we recommend, No, fees do not have to be paid before tryouts. (If you need help settings up a fee, refer to this FAQ)
  • Is a tryout checklist required? - This controls a transfer system connected to a state association. You can leave this blank
  1. Select all of the requirements that you would like students to do when they register for this sport.
  2. Click Submit in the top right

Please Note: If you get a message saying you cannot access that page you will need to get permission. If you are a coach, please contact a member of the school athletic department. If you are a school admin, reach out to us here

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