How to Delete an Athlete

Users: Administrators

This article will show school administrators how to remove athletes.

Athletes who have never created a registration can be deleted.

  1. Search for the athlete using the Magnifying Glass icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page
  2. Click the View button to the right of the athlete's name 
  3. Select Delete Athlete under the athlete options
    1. NOTE: if there is a history of registrations for this student at the school then you can remove the athlete, but not delete them.

If an athlete has ever registered for a sport, you cannot delete them. However, you can make their registration inactive.  

  1. Go to Navigation 
  2. Click on Sports
  3. Select the sport you are working with
  4. Click on the number to the right of Total Registrations (lower left quadrant of the page).  
  5. Click Cut/Remove Player to the right of the athlete's name.
    1. NOTE: Administrators in the NIAA are not permitted to use this tool.


This will ensure the registration no longer shows up under Total Registrations. All cut players will appear by clicking the number to the right of Athletes Cut From Sport on the sports page, lower left quadrant. They can be left there or re-added to the Total Registrations by clicking on that number and then clicking Return Player to Tryouts.

Athletes who have been Cut/removed will have an Inactive status on their registrations.  Parents, Coaches, and School Admins will all be able to see the Inactive status associated with any registration.

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