How to Add an Announcement

Users: Administrators

Announcements are a good way to send casual information to all parents at your school. We do recommend using our email system to send important information to parents and guardians.

To create an announcement, follow the steps below.


  1. Log into your Aktivate account
  2. Log in with your email/username and password.
  3. Click Administrator to open the administrator portal
  4. Select Navigation on the left side
  5. Click Announcements
  6. Click Create New at the top
  7. Make sure to fill out each of the sections (date, announcement, options, etc). 

The email option will go out to every email address that has an account with Aktivate within the school. This does not include those athletes who have graduated. 

In order for the parents to receive text messages, they have to opt into them. Have them look at this FAQ if they have questions regarding that. 

The announcement option will appear on the parent's main page when they first log into their account. 

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