Admin: How to Set Your DEC Alignments

If you are a DEC Member or DEC Chair then you'll need to set up your DEC Alignments. DEC Alignments are how our system understands what districts and conferences you oversee so that it can send you the correct PAPFs. Here are some directions on how to update your alignments.

  1. Login to your Aktivate account
  2. Open the UIL Portal
  3. Click View DEC Alignments on the right side under current role *Please Note: If you don’t see it, you may be viewing a school where you don't have your DEC role. Click the drop-down arrow next to the name of your school or district to change the school you're viewing.
  4. Edit an existing alignment by selecting the pencil button on the right side OR add an alignment by clicking the Add Alignments button
    in the top left corner.
  5. Use the drop-down arrows to select your role, how long you will be in this position, your conference, and what district you are overseeing for each sport.
  6. Select Submit at the bottom when you are done.

Now you should be able to view the PAPFs for your districts!

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