(NIAA) How to Send the Transfer back to the Athlete/Parent

Users: NIAA Administrators

If you have reviewed a student transfer and need to reject the transfer send it back to the parent, you can do so by following the steps below.


  1. Log in to your Aktivate Account
  2. Select Administrator
  3. Click Navigation, 
  4. Select Transfers
  5. Click Transfer System
  6. Scroll through the list to find the student

TIP: Change the Owner filter at the top to All Owners and a new search bar will appear below the filters. Type in the name of the student in this search bar.

  1. Click on the student's name to open the transfer.
  2. Scroll to the Administrator Options section at the bottom and select Reject and Send Back to Athlete

9. Indicate which form you are rejecting, type an explanation in the box, and click Reject Transfer

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