(NIAA) Parent: How to Upload Documents to a Transfer

Users: NIAA Parents & Guardians

If your student is in the transfer system and their registration(s) have a status of "transfer pending", it is likely that you will need to upload some documents. Below are some helpful steps as to how you can upload these documents for review to the transfer.


1. Log into your Aktivate account

2. Select the Parent Portal

3. Select Transfers under "What would you like to do?"

4. Click on the transfer 

5. Under "NIAA Forms" you will see a list of required items/forms. Any item highlighted in red or yellow is something that will require your attention and possibly uploading a form.

6. To upload the necessary form/file, you will need to select Choose File in the appropriate area to upload the file

7. Select Save and Submit or Save and Quit after successfully uploading any files

Please Note: If you are having trouble uploading documents, we recommend merging the files you are uploading into a single PDF, as our system only allows 6 pages or less. A good site to use for merging files is https://www.ilovepdf.com/.

If it is a single file that you are trying to upload, and the page keeps spinning, try using the same site to compress the file. This usually works!

Acceptable form formats on Aktivate include: PDF, JPG, PNG and the max file size is 64 MB.

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