How do I pay my fees online?

Paying fees online depends on the school. Some schools choose to pay fees through another system and some schools choose to pay through our own system. If your school has their fees or information about their fees on our site, you can find it in the Registration Checklist

How to get to the Registration Checklist:

  1. Go to Aktivate
  2. Click Login to Register
  3. Open the Parent Portal by clicking Click here to start/complete athlete registrations
  4. Click on Start/Complete Registrations. This is on the left-hand side of the screen under the section "what would you like to do?"
  5. Click View/Complete Registration for your athlete's registration
  6. Look at the top to see Registration Checklist
    1. NOTE: If you don't see "Registration Checklist" at the top then you may not have progressed far enough in the registration. You will need to continue to follow to directions on the page until you get to the Registration Checklist

How to find your school fees:

  1. Go to the Registration Checklist in your athlete's registration
  2. Select the box that says School Fees
    1. NOTE: If you do not see a School fees box here then your school does not use our system. You will need to contact your school's athletic department and ask them how they manage their fees
  3. Add any fee you want to the cart then continue to follow the directions on the screen to make your purchase.

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