(NIAA) How to Fix Academic Allstate Issues

Users: NIAA Administrators

A common issue with the NIAA Academic Allstate system is that an admin is unable to see the team for a sport. If you are unable to view a team or a sport then you will want to check these areas below.

First, check that the sport is connected to academic Allstate:


  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click Administrator to open your school's information
  3. Select Navigation
  4. Click Sports
  5. Select the sport you are unable to view
  6. Click Admin Options then Edit (sport name)

  1. Ensure that the correct one has been selected for the Academic Allstate Sport section

  1. If you make adjustments here then be sure to select Submit in the top right corner

Second, you'll need to check if the varsity team's settings are correct.


  1. Click Navigation
  2. Select Sports
  3. Select the sport you are having trouble viewing
  4. Scroll down and select the varsity team
  5. Select Manage Team and Edit (team name)

  1. Make sure that the team level is set to Varsity

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