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  • Admin: How to Set Your DEC Alignments

    If you are a DEC Member or DEC Chair then you'll need to set up your DEC Alignments. DEC Alignments are how our system understands what districts and conferences you oversee so that it can send you

  • Admin: How to see what DEC Chair can view the PAPF

    If you are a coordinator at a school, you can see who the DEC Chair is that needs to approve each PAPF. This is also a great tool to see if the DEC Chair has their account set up so that they can

  • Admin: Why Can't I see a PAPF?

    If you are a DEC Chair or Member and you cannot find a PAPF that you need to view or do some action on then there could be a couple of issues. The first reason may be that your DEC alignments need to

  • Admin: How to Invite Someone to View a PAPF

    As an administrator/coordinator within the UIL Portal, you are able to give anyone permission to view the PAPF at your school. This is helpful if you have a DEC Chair or member who is unable to view

  • Admin: Why don't I have a Submit button? (View Only)

    If you are working a PAPF and you don't see that you have a submit button, or if you see "View Only" in yellow writing at the top, then this means that the system doesn't recognize you as being the